Pretty Aloe

Pretty Aloe

Pretty Aloe

Have you ever applied aloe vera gel to your injured skin? Were you amazed by the speedy recovery?
Green tea, high in antioxidants is added to Kalleo Pretty Aloe handmade soap to enhance the formulation of Pretty Aloe. Aloe vera provides natural remedy for skin; it is also an excellent moisturizer that increases the synthesis and strength of the skin tissue.
Scented with the uplifting sparkly lemongrass essential oil which helps to calm and relax muscle strains, a bath with Pretty Aloe is sure to relieve tension and stress.

  • Handmade on: 14 June
  • Ready on: 17 July
  • Ingredients: Water, coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, olive pomace oil, sodium hydroxide, organic aloe vera, green tea powder, lemongrass essential oil
  • Dimension: 5.5cm(l) x 8.5cm(w) x 2cm(d)
  • Weight: +-100g (3.5oz)
  • Price: RM 14

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