Fruition of Love

The Singleton

The Twins

The Triplet

The Quadruplet

Bundle of Joy

Fruition of Love

Take a good look at the singleton, twins, triplet, quadruplet and the whole bundle of joy…Ooh! We are thrilled to see how the tomatoes grow and multiply. In the beginning, we were counting them one by one until we lost count a week later:)
The sign of invasion by unwelcome intruders does not escape our notice. We began the first round of pest control exercise three days ago to protect our tomatoes from being spoiled by the creepy-crawly. Tomatoes, as they grow bigger and ripen each day, are susceptible to external attack. Our DIY homemade garbage enzyme comes in handy to get rid of the bugs. Its distinct smell acts as a natural insect repellent.
We will continue to monitor and observe closely if the results of daily enzyme spray will keep the intruders at bay.


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