Kalleo Logo Design

This is our handmade soap logo design. It represents a meaningful message.
1. The Name – Kalleo
Kalleo is the official registered brand name for our merchandise. The correct pronunciation for Kalleo is kal-eh’-o, however it is often pronounced as kal-lyoo’-o among our clients. Not wanting to correct a tongue that need some twisting to have the word Kalleo pronounced accurately, kal-lyoo’-o has since become an acceptable familiar name for our handmade soaps.
Kalleo is derived from a Greek word which means call or calling, depending on the context as how it is used. We believe every individual is called by God to perform a task. Christine is convinced she is responding to a call.

2. The Colour – Green
The theme colour of our logo is green which takes up 70% of the whole design. Green signifies the natural and healthy ingredients we use in Kalleo handmade soaps; the main source of ingredients comes from plants, herbs, flowers and leaves.

3. The Design Rational
The elements of plants and leaves are mixed to form the design of letter ‘K’ and bubble foam. The overall combination represents Kalleo handmade soap which conveys an identity in our product. The logo design is simple that our customers can easily connect with the value we represent.

Kalleo handmade soap logo was designed by Mr. Lester Liew from Utusan Comm. Private Limited. We are thankful for his vivid ideas and concepts which accurately captured the nature of our business we are passionate about.


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