The Amazing Colour

We are often amazed by the additional colour and décor that brightens up our garden and backyard. They are a special delight to our eyes and whole being especially when we take a stroll in the evening.



The Adenium or its Chinese name ‘Fu Gui Hua’ grows beautifully in the pots at the frontage of the house. We seem to neglect them often due to their distance, but they are always so robust and do not demand much of our attention. They continue to grow elegantly pinkish capturing the heart of by passers.




Caladium is colourful foliage with big leaves; they grow silently and fast under the shades of our herbs and palm trees. Inn always leaves them aside when he mows the lawn, they are precious to him.

Little White

Little White

We nicknamed the little flowers ‘Little White’. Tiny beauty creation of God that warm and sweeten our hearts. Take a closer look at the makeup of their colours; white, violet, green, arr…gg…hhh! We thank God for all the beautiful plants, herbs and flowers!


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