B3F1 Sale

B3F1 National Day Sale is on from now until 31 August!
B3F1 stands for Buy 3 Free 1 for purchase of Kalleo handmade soaps. When you buy 3 bars or more, you will get another bar of your soap of choice for FREE! So, another word, buy 6 and get 2 soaps FREE! You enjoy a good saving of more than 35%!
Not only that, we are also giving you a discount of 5% for purchase of 3 or 4 soaps and more discount of 10% for purchase of 5 or more soaps.
On top of this mega sale, you do not have to pay the shipping fee for all purchases within Klang Valley.
Remember to check on your choice of FREE soaps in KalleoSoaps Online Order Form! Enjoy shopping!

B3F1 Pricing Guide:
Buy 3 bars +1 free soap@ RM 39.90 UP: RM 48
Buy 4 bars +1 free soap@ RM 53.20 UP: RM 62
Buy 5 bars +1 free soap@ RM 63.00 UP: RM 76
Buy 6 bars +2 free soaps@RM 75.60 UP: RM 90


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