Cupcakes for Them?

The month of September is a birthday celebration month for us. We have 4 nieces – Eunice, Chong Hwee, Celine and Su Wei, 2 nephews – Isaac and Wye Chuan; plus Inn, my dear husband who were born in September.
Guess, their birth dates are amazingly and beautifully matched! Su Wei / Wye Chuan on 14 September, Chong Hwee / Inn on 17 September, Eunice / Isaac on 27 September whereas Celine was born with number 9s on 9-9-1999.
My father in law despite his old age, remembers the dates so well and he is holding a combined birthday party for them during the Raya festival holidays breaks. We look forward to a happy time of gathering once again with our parents and siblings on this special occasion.
Birthday presents should not be left out for the birthday girls and boys. The Snowy Cocoa cupcake soaps though not edible, are custom made especially for the girls to keep their skin moist and youthful; they are whipped soaps which float on the surface of water.
Soaps only without food would not make a memorable day, so I am going to give all of them a good treat of cream cheese peanut butter chocolate cake and some other food stuff 🙂


5 thoughts on “Cupcakes for Them?

  1. Michelle Ho

    The cupcake soaps are a brilliant idea! I’m sure your nieces and nephews will love them. Wish I had the time to experiment with whipped soap too.

  2. Kalleo Post author

    Hi Michelle, it is easier than cold processed method though. A sure no problem to you, the soap expert 🙂

  3. Michelle Ho

    I’m no soap expert la, not yet. 🙂 Still in full learning mode! How is it easier than CP? All I heard is that there’s no need to warm up the oils.

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