In Remembrance of Alert

We have 2 dogs – Alert and Courage, which use Kalleo handmade soaps. Uncle Lim commented once that they have silky fur; he jokingly told us to make 2 tags “Ask Me what I use for Bath?” for them. That was funny.
July was the biannual tropical fruit season in Malaysia. We got to eat lots of locally grown fruits presented by our parents – durian, rambutan and mangosteen; with the latest being my favourite. As I savoured some mangosteen on a hot afternoon on 22 July, I recalled we used to take Xango, a kind of fruit juice made of the pericarp of the mangosteen. That bounced an idea! Why not use it for Kalleo soaps?! But what about the stain which is not washable and would our customers make a complaint?

What is the connection between the dogs and the mangosteen?

Instead of adding new soaps for sale, I made half a bucket of mangosteen handmade soap for Alert and Courage. After all, the stain would not be obvious on their black coloured fur. The mangosteen soaps for our 2 dogs, after a month of curing period was ready for use on 21 August for their once weekly bath on Saturdays.

Alert never had the chance to use it. She passed away unexpectedly on that Saturday morning in the vet’s clinic; the veterinarian said she was poisoned.
We named the mangosteen soaps “Kalleo Alert handmade soap” in fond remembrance of this wonderful dog – Alert, which had taught us so much about obedience. She was a great delight which brought us 2 years of companionship, fun and laughter. She was sadly missed and certainly the most by poor Courage which had lost a play mate.


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