Art of Life

I failed art miserably in my student days. The strongest competitor in the class always outscored me by a few points until I had the best alternative to drop the dreadful art paper in the fourth form. Since then, art was alienated from my life; the hustle and bustle of life in the college, university, hospital had deprived me from keeping in touch with art. I had neglected art in my young adult days to climb the career ladder, to buy car, to buy house, and to pursue ambition in the world. The art of listening to parental and godly counsel was drowned by high volume of surrounding din in my career life.

My life without art was dull. I was exhausted and could not pluck out courage to retreat; until the bubbles burst.

The solace found in a small town was deserving. I gathered some little ones, singing them alphabet songs, story-telling them about Frisky – the little lamb, teaching them phonics, grammars, vocabulary, playing physical games for team building, playing computerised educational games from BBC website. The children simply loved to put on my handmade animal masks for their role play.

I realized I could draw!

Frisky the lamb mask

Cat Mask

I discovered the beauty of art once again!

Then I came to realize… The flowers and plants found their way to my home. The table top furnished with home cooked food. The house filled with visitors from nearby and afar. The guitar strings strummed. Incomplete melody from the piano with missing left hand code heard. The chipping birds. The crow of the hens. The barking dogs. The drunken neighbour with his broken bottles. The coughing and sneezing from the Sunday congregation.
The art of communication began its work afresh. Distant friendship reconnected. Flame of love rekindled.

The art of living is beautiful! The creation of God is very good! I do not want to lose them again. I enjoy making handmade soaps, fruit enzyme, garbage enzyme; baking multi grained whole wheat bread, chocolate brownie; planting tomatoes, sugar canes…….

Kalleo Soaps

Newly germinated sugar cane

I stumbled upon a group of Malaysian artists 2 months ago from the Etsy Malaysia Local Team. (See link on right side bar)
Young ladies and men who live a vibrant life enjoying every piece of their lovely handmade art and crafts, they convert their extra master pieces into cash.

In the midst of their busy working life, they discovered the beauty of art and enjoying the fruits of their labour. I give them praise. They live with their passion.
NottyPooch plus GEC: Recycled Billboard Banner Journal No. 2

herb garden markers

Don’t miss them out in the coming Art for Grabs at the Annexe Gallery, located in the Central Market, Annexe building, Kuala Lumpur on this upcoming artists event on 18 to 19 September 2010, 12 noon to 8pm.


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