The Anointing Oil

Oil of olive is part of ingredients that is used in the formulation of Kalleo handmade soaps. It is high in oleic acid content which provides a rich conditioning property to the soaps. Our business consultant – Jane likes soap with high percentage of olive oil to soften and rejuvenate her skin.

Kalleo Soaps

In Ancient Greece, women applied olive oil to their skin and hair for its pleasant fragrance. In Biblical times, olive oil was used for different purposes; for lighting, perfumes, eating, making bread, healing wound, offerings, anointing kings and priests.
We have an eye opening experience to witness a special occasion in which olive oil is poured unto a farm land. According to the American Pastor Cornelius and Pastor Deborah, the symbolic act of pouring olive oil unto the land is the consecration of the land to God and release of God’s anointing to the land owner as they take possession over their new farm land.

Pouring Olive oil on the Soil

Drops of Olive oil


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