Skye Soaps

It has been a long time since I last blogged. I was away from home exploring Scotland. Scotland is a pleasant country. I had an enjoyable break-away from the normal routine at home.

Knowing many friendly and lovely Scottish friends brought delightful experience to my life. Mr. and Mrs. John Cameron were so kind and hospitable. Both made my visit a memorable experience. Mrs. Sheila Watt, a former headmistress of Bukit Bintang Girl School who is also a close friend of Ms Yeo, my neighbour spared her precious time to pay Jane and me a visit at Noelle Kuan’s place, a Malaysian studying in Scotland. Through their hospitality we felt very much at home. We thanked God for their love.

The cold weather in Scotland produces plenteous of beautiful flowers and plants. I appreciated the aesthetic beautiful of hydrangeas growing bountifully everywhere in the gardens and backyards of Scottish homes.

Hydrangeas in Stonehaven, Scotland

My desire to see some Scottish handmade soap was fulfilled a few days before returning home. I was overwhelmed to discover that the shop selling handcrafted aromatherapy soap was just located right in front of my hotel room. The friendly lady shop keeper granted me welcoming permission to snap photos of their soaps which are handmade in Portree, Isle of Skye. Isle of Skye soaps are crystal clear with naturally occurring colour and they named their soaps after the famous mountains and tourist sites in the island.

Isle of Skye Soap in sisal rope


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