Peek no Soap

There are many busy rounds of soap making sessions since I returned from Scotland. The past two weeks were well spent on cleaning the house, packaging, labeling cured soaps, stock inventory, replenishing retail stocks and preparing for an art market sale in November at Jaya One commercial centre in Section 13, Petaling Jaya. Generally much of my time was literally utilized for the soaps per se. I enjoyed putting everything in order.
Today is a nice day, sunny huh!?! A common remark I occasionally heard when I was in Scotland. The weather in Aberdeen was so unpredictable; one could probably experience drizzle, rain, strong wind, dark cloud, scotching sun within a day. Everyone looks forward to having bright sunny days to run their outdoor errands. We are fortunate to enjoy sunshine the whole year through over here in Malaysia. I decided to take a break from peeking soaps and sweated the whole morning for gardening instead.
The tall woody Kantan plants are long due for a prune and so I used a parang to remove all the hard old stems. Hey! I was pleasantly surprise to find four new stalks of pinkish Kantan flowers:). We get them at last! We have been waiting for a long good year from this site near the papaya trees!

Home grown Kantan Flower

The hydrangeas are flowering too; this time round they are blue in colour, it was maroon before this. The leaves grow so green in abundance most probably because of the goat manure given by our good neighbour, Auntie Victoria. Even though the flower petals are not as big as those I found in Scotland, I am delighted to enjoy the labour of our hands. Malaysian Hydrangeas still boleh:)! Agree?

Hydrangeas at Home

Then, the first batch of sugar canes I planted almost 2 months ago. They have since grown to a height of three and a half feet now (one and a half feet being buried in the hole), four stems altogether. They will require another month of close tender care – weeding, manuring, enzyme watering and soil reclaiming. From the fourth month onwards, we will assess how they grow with minimal water, this is to ensure that they are succulent and sweet.

2-month old Sugar cane

Our two new puppies, Trust and Obey, added a lot of noise to our Home. Courage, the older dog is getting used to her new siblings. So while I was busy giving a face lift to the backyard, they were also busy chasing each other or trailing behind me, probably bagging for more chicken bones. Adorable pups!

8-week old Trust & Obey

Today is no soap day, so it is no-no for soap photography either. Enjoy the sunshine!


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