Happy Soaps:) Angry Soaps x-(

WE HAVE TEN HANDMADE SOAPS THAT ARE EMOTIONAL. SEVEN CHEERFUL SOAPS and the other three at the top of their emotional outbursts.
They were moulded in egg shells, thus their shape, oval. The soaps have traces of albumin peel and egg shells on their ‘faces’ too. Made of concentrated Aloe Vera juice, they appear tan with the slightest tinge of pink in colour. Scented with eucalyptus essential oil, they smell… good scent!

Kalleo emoticon soaps are created for special purpose (not for sale though) :); to remind us that we have choices to make in our daily life. We have seven positive soaps, enough to remind us to stay happy throughout the week, regardless of how tough it would be in going through day-to-day life.

Anger, frustration, sadness is expression of our feeling and emotion, it is healthy to ventilate ourselves when things do not turn out well. Three angry soaps would not outnumber the seven happy soaps, too much negative emotion would take its toll on our physical health, it is wise to live in harmony with everyone.


4 thoughts on “Happy Soaps:) Angry Soaps x-(

  1. Michelle Ho

    Oh by the way, do you blend the aloe vera gel before adding it to your soap, or just put the gloopy gel straight in at trace? I’ve tried using it straight on the skin but it’s so hard to handle since it behaves like phlegm!

  2. Christine Yap-Chu Post author

    Hi Michelle. i did both methods before; adding NaoH into blended AV seem to be easier. i did some skin patch testing before, direct application of AV gel caused some skin reaction to some people.

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