New Addition, Papaya Soaps

We use various parts of plants and herbs to add colour to Kalleo handmade soaps, taken their leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and fruits. Dried leaves coloured the soaps brown, the fresh leaves, pale green.
Oranges, carrots and tomatoes coloured the soaps from yellow to light orangey, depending on the amounts used in the saponification process. Somehow, these natural colouring in the soaps does not stay permanently; they do fade gradually over time.

We used papayas from the backyard for our soaps recently (after eating, making papaya enzyme, giving away). Put aside the benefit of papaya in skin care, these papayas give beautiful colour to our handmade soaps! Silky orangey colour! Smooth colour!

See some of the soaps we pilot tested for its’ orange colour, handmade three months ago. They were moulded in three different types of flower moulds (sunflower, dahlia, rose) and scented with peppermint essential oil.

From the Dahlia mould,

and the roses soaps.


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