Kalleo Ebony Overflow, Grayish

Soap making could be unpredictable. The slightest variation in its formulation could yield a different effect. The papaya given by my Father in law and the papaya from our backyard, used as an ingredient in Kalleo Sweetie Papaya soaps produced different colour tone.

We used exactly the same concentration of activated charcoal for the new batches of Kalleo Ebony Overflow, however this time they looked grayish. A nice grey speckled with charcoal all over the soap. Flipping through our record, we realized we had used a slightly different method that rendered them grayish; mixing charcoal in the alkaline solution (lye water) produced black soaps whereas adding charcoal into the soap ‘batter’ at light trace produced grey soaps.
Whether black or grey, Kalleo Ebony Overflow handmade soaps lather richly with white foam during bath. 🙂


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