Basic Soaps

What noodles that cannot be eaten? We have 2kg of such noodles that were given to us. It is still being stored in the kitchen cabinet for almost one and the half years and the noodles do not perish.


These are some soap noodles that are manufactured locally in Selangor, Malaysia.

We prefer to make Kalleo handmade soaps from scratch without any basic soap. We get a lot of satisfaction creating soaps using vegetable oil, lye (sodium hydroxide) and natural plant and herbal based ingredients. Kind of an analogy as in bread-making, we prefer hand-kneading our dough than using a bread maker; even though it might take five hours to bake the same amount of bread loaf. The texture, the softness, the aroma in hand-kneaded bread is yummy, appetizing and satisfying! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Basic Soaps

  1. Su Ling


    I just started playing around with the idea of melt and pour soap making. You can use Soap noodles as opposed to the M&P Soap Base?

    Would you mind selling me these soap noodles? I’ve tried to purchase them thru some suppliers but the min amount I have to order is in the tonnes!

    Or would you mind passing me the contact of the Selangor supplier that gave u the soap noodles?


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