Art Market Sale

By evening last Saturday the first Crafty Art Market sale was over. It turned out to be a good one!

As early as 10.30am a good stream of crowd flowed into the wide walkway in between the two towers at The Bee. The display of many kinds of handmade merchandise, crafts, art work and goodies brightened up the market place. By then, all the beaming vendors were ready to start trading. If you had missed the event for whatever reason, here are the pictures of the Art Market, Facebook photo album courtesy of Kelly Koo from Kiirey Blog.

Business trading was real happening at the inaugural Crafty Art Market, there were serious transactions.

Some customers asked "Are they mooncakes in the baskets?"

Thanks to all our valued customers who had dropped by to ask about how we made Kalleo handmade soaps. We appreciate it when you said that you like Kalleo soaps and you bought some of them.

Kalleo Mercy Gingery and Kalleo Good Moringa

Kalleo Snowy Cocoa

Not forgetting Rev. VC and LC, who stood with me the whole day, we want to thank this loving couple for helping us to sell Kalleo handmade soaps.

Kalleo Happy 🙂 and Angry x-( soaps for display only


5 thoughts on “Art Market Sale

  1. Christine Yap-Chu Post author

    Michelle Thank You!
    i was not able to go round all the shops either because there were always customers dropping by, visited some neighbouring stalls though. i love the Art Market 🙂

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  3. alison

    i was your neighbor, alison of mettaville. i shared a table with chris from the house of lollies 🙂
    loved your display, so much tenderness and care went into it i can see.

  4. Christine Yap-Chu Post author

    Oh Thank You Alison for your encouragement! i was moved by your hospitality for sharing your table with Chris, that was an act of godly kindness!

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