December.Soap..Cake…Great Joy….

Time flies. December is fast approaching in the midst of our busy schedule; today is 12th of December, 2010.

Holiday shopping spree seems to become a part of today’s modern lifestyle. There are far too many excuses to shop for something; school holidays, year-end clearance sale, bonus month, Christmas, usher in new calendar year… have fashioned the ambiance and thus, stirring up buying mood among shoppers. Despite the thick freezing snow in Scotland, Jane told us that shoppers are queuing up to buy all sorts of things in her living city.

We heard about inflation, a real thing that eats up our savings. Interestingly, in Malaysia, fuel price was increased again on 1st of December, a timely reminder to warn everyone about wise spending. Have you been tactful in planning your family expenditure? Or rather December is the month for partying, wine drinking and unnecessary gifting?

We gave a thought to a price hike issue of soap-making ingredients recently; the new price for carrier oil and essential oil has gone up by 35% to 60% 😦
Dear Kalleo Handmade Soaps Customers, Friends and Readers, do you have a good suggestion or comment on this matter?

Just like the short day-light syndrome, it is depressing when money value has shrunk so much! Nevertheless, there is still reason to celebrate the cheer of good health, family wholesomeness; material blessing and national stability as we are counting down to herald the good tidings of great joy, which God has given to all of us. 🙂

In this month of December 2010, what about home-baking a cake for some unprivileged children, senior citizens in the aged home? Sending a handmade greeting card to a long lost friend? Spending some precious time with your children and loved ones?

Luke 2:10 ‘Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.’

Enjoy December 2010! 🙂


3 thoughts on “December.Soap..Cake…Great Joy….

  1. Michelle Ho

    That’s a lovely photo of your poinsettias! And the soap cake looks edible too (I was thinking to myself that you had a digestive biscuit base going on there… it looked like it could have been carrot cake too! :p)

  2. Michelle Ho

    WHEEEE!! Really? Of course we’d love it, thanks so much! Good lah, at least the kids get to see their uncle too. 😉 That’s really sweet of you.

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