Kalleo Loofah Soaps

Loofah. Loofah. Loofah. I was disappointed when my mother said the folk in our village had chopped down the tree. We looked high and low for them wherever we went. We did come across some in two occasions but dear oh dear, they were overpriced!

I dreamt about pouring Kalleo soap ‘batter’ into loofah sponge, visualized scrubbing my calloused feet with Kalleo loofah soap..massaging my strained shoulder muscle with the natural scrubber…

The search for loofah was not in vain. 🙂 We were overjoyed to find a Sarawakian lady displaying her loofah for sale at an affordable price some time ago; off delightedly we bought two hands-full of Loofah from Livan in anticipating a birth of Kalleo loofah soap in another few weeks’ time.

Here you are. Do you see the exposed loofah sponge?

They are coloured pale green from the combination of citrus lime, turmeric leave and lemon grass. Stay tuned for more detail update about Kalleo loofah soaps… 🙂


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