fOr a cHange!

We are delighted and encouraged that our regular Customers are buying Kalleo handmade soaps as Christmas and New Year presents this year.

“For a change!” they said.

It is interesting to know that you wrapped up the soaps in gift papers and ribbons, to add aesthetic appearance to your presents. 🙂

On other note, for our Customers who requested for a ready made Christmas packaging, we have prepared some to save your time from the hassle of searching for wrapping ideas.

Take a look at the soap gift packs bundled with Kalleo Sweetie Papaya and Kalleo Honey Shine which are available at RM 19.90 /pack.

You can also purchase the gift packs @ LeX at the Empire Subang Shopping Gallery, 2nd Floor where the world’s tallest indoor slide is located.
Find out more about LeX here

An advance greetings from Kalleo Handmade Soaps to all our Customers, Friends and blog Readers, “Blessed Christmas!” 🙂


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