New Year. New Soaps

As the year ends, we looked back to evaluate our blessings and disappointments. The list of blessings far outnumbered our disappointments. This year, we counted our home cottage handmade soaps business as a blessing.

Orange soap

We started off using all natural ingredients when we first began with the formulation of Kalleo soaps and creating natural scent for the soaps was by far the most challenging task. For example, we used the extract of oranges, screw pine leaves, lemons and local tropical citrus lime, but to find out that the scent did not linger long enough in the soaps; thus, we moved on by adding essential oil into our herbal based handmade soaps.

Moringa soap

Kalleo Honey Shine, Royale Turmeric, Ebony Overflow, Good Moringa and Pretty Aloe continue to be the top five of our best selling soaps. Other than improving on the overall quality of the soaps, we put in more effort to also take better care of the plants (turmeric, lemon grass, citrus lime, galangal, moringa tree, aloe Vera, cats’ whiskers etc) we grow ourselves in our home garden.

We also want to thank our Customers for their continuous support and confidence in our product.
A Customer in Kuala Lumpur commented:
“Thanks! Really liked using that soap. Nice on the skin and lathers well right to the last bit!”
A friend who is also our Customer told us about her children using Kalleo soaps:
“They look forward to their showers as they get to try different soaps. And they talked about it, the fragrance, the lather etc. The soaps seem to interest them. When I first use it I told them they were nonchalant, now that they have used the soap personally they appreciate more and talk about it.”

Emoticon soaps

Some of these comments have helped us to make better soaps. After carrying out product development, we have decided to roll out another three types of new Kalleo soaps.
1. Bath soap moulded in the natural scrubber, loofah with citrus lime as the main ingredient.
2. Cinnamon bath soap.
3. Facial soap with cucumber, tomato and olive oil as its main ingredients.

On the curing rack

Do stay tuned for more feature update about the new Kalleo soaps…with castor bean oil as additional carrier oil to our formulation, we hope to bring you more and better quality Kalleo handmade soaps!

Soap cake


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