New Packaging for Kalleo Soaps

We are happy with our new packaging finally 🙂 Thanks to our Customers and Friends who have contributed their thoughts towards making this possible!
Kalleo handmade soaps are hand packed using a see through biodegradable clear wrap before we wrap them around with the new label.

We want a label which is simple, cost and time-effective; at the same time, able to meet the Malaysian labeling requirement. We use recycled Kraft paper and an old faithful inkjet printer to print all our labels, making sure the prints are clear and big enough for everyone to read the information on it.
We use cigar-band label on six types of Kalleo7Soaps except Kalleo Loofah Lime Scrub which is a round bar with some variation in our packaging process.

The embedded loofah in Kalleo Loofah Lime Scrub becomes a challenge for us to pack it with a layer of clear wrap.

Kraft paper is too stiff to wrap the soap around. So we opt for baking paper to give them some nice folds, secure it with a jute rope and paste a round Kraft paper label on its bottom.

We hope you will like our new packaging 🙂


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