Gardening, relaxation therapy

We added two types of plants, loofah and stevia to our garden. The frequent rainfall lately seemed to have quickened their growth and caused them to thrive fast and steady.

2-week old germinated loofah seed in the pot

It is therapeutic to observe how the plants grow. It took a long time to glimpse the first sprouting of the germinated loofah seeds in the beginning, perhaps 3 weeks. We were pleased to see 2 new leaves and decided it was time to relocate it to the ground. It has since been growing at a startling speed; could be the nourishment from our compost soil, it has got 6 leaves and a flimsy tentacle now, it happened just within 3 days. We have to work on a strong trellis for it to climb on pretty soon.

Relocated loofah to the ground

Stevia, our new addition

Fruitful and multiplying...

There are boundless activities to upkeep our garden and the backyard; without sweating out, it is not possible to reap the sweet and crunchy home-grown slimy Di-Huang-Miao or what we nick-named as the Emperor’s vegetable. We have got countless serving to it and have been giving away to many people. They have been fruitful and multiplying, supplying to our daily need 🙂

More fruiting..

Obey, 1 of our 3s

Thanks to Courage, Trust and Obey, our faithful pest controllers in the garden, they have toiled hard chasing and clearing away the creepy crawlies…keeping our garden free of unwanted intruders.

7-month old sugar cane

Our sugar canes, 7 months have slipped by since we planted them. They have reached 9 -10 feet in height now. We hope the recent rain water will not reduce the sweetness of the juice. We will wait for another month to assess their quality.


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