Cocoa Butter in Kalleo Handmade Soaps

It is almost an instantaneous action for women when they pick up a bar of soap, to smell its scent beneath their nostril!
Soap and scent, it is inseparable; a matter of fact which we have to grapple with as we venture further into our soap-making and skin-care product business!
When commodity and food price are spiraling up and the worst of all when our suppliers claimed – there will not be coconut oil available until June; price of pure essential oil increased 30% – 40% due to shortages of herbs and plants associated with drastic climate change, etc; how do we, the home-based soap maker, deal with these issues?

Cocoa Butter

We resort to use Malaysia-produced cocoa butter in our soaps instead of buying more expensive essential oil; lo and behold :), the outcome of making soaps with the natural soothing cocoa aroma which is also better in quality, comforts and pleases us!
Cocoa butter is obtained from cocoa bean “Theobroma Cacao”. It is ivory in colour in its purest form. Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature; it has a low melting point just below body temperature. Grasp a little chunk of it and rub it in between your palm, you will see it melt away.


Cocoa butter has high antioxidant properties, much higher than blueberries! It has proven benefits for skin care, thus is widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products to treat altered skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. Cocoa butter is moisturising and easily absorbed by the skin, keeping skin hydrated and soft. (We will write more on the benefits of cocoa butter for skin)

Turmeric- Lemongrass Infused Cocoa Butter Soap

Kaolin Clay

Besides adding more exfoliating effect to Kalleo handmade soaps, we also add some Bentonite and Kaolin clay to anchor and hold the scent; Bentonite to counter-act oily skin and Kaolin clay for sensitive skin.

Bentonite Clay

On another note, we always think good ingredients like cocoa butter, beeswax and pure essential oil should also be used topically on the skin, we are now converting the thought into action!
Stay tuned for our new skin-care products, we will soon add Kalleo body salve as our new product line and we will keep you posted about it. 🙂


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