Render Beeswax: Step-by-Step Method

We received some partially rendered beeswax from a bee breeding farm a month ago. Due to the naturally present impurities, we have to render it again to get the pure form.

Caution! Handle this process with full attention and care as beeswax catches fire. As long as safety precaution is observed, it is a safe procedure.
We used these kitchen utensils for the rendering process:
– 2 Stainless steel pots
– Small knife
– Wire mesh strainer
– Cheesecloth
– Clean water
– Newspaper
We rendered the beeswax twice (you might have to repeat the process a few rounds depending on the amount of trash that come with the honey comb)

First round (Christine said: I forgot to take some pictures from the first round, too excited?! ๐Ÿ™‚
1. Scrapped the impurities off the whole piece of beeswax with a small knife. (Keep the impurities as your barbeque fire starter)
2. Broke the wax into smaller chunks for easy and fast melting.
3. Put all the chunks in a large stainless steel (A) pot and cover them enough with clean water
4. Set the pot on a stove and heat up until the water boiled. Control the heat to prevent over spilling of the melted beeswax.
5. Turned off the stove once all the beeswax melted in the water.
6. Drained the pot of liquid wax through a strainer into another stainless steel (B) pot (do it gently to avoid spilling on your working counter top; you may use some old newspaper to protect your counter top, it is hard to remove if spilled)
7. The wax will float to the surface of the drained liquid and hardened up as it cooled down; this might take a few hours. In the mean time, get a kettle of boiled water and poured on the strainer to clear all the clog on the wire mesh)
8. Removed the hardened wax from (B) pot and discard the excess water.

This is what you would see. You could still see bits of impurities on the bottom of the wax; we were not done with it yet.

Second round (with pictures)
1. Repeat step 1 and 2 as in the first round of rendering wax.
2. This time instead of direct heat, we used an improvised double boiler to melt the beeswax.
Again, please do not leave it unattended.

3. Now, cover the strainer with a piece of cheesecloth to filter the smallest particles in the golden liquid wax.
4. See the melted wax, pure golden beeswax liquid, and sediment free!

5. Cooling down and hardening up to beautiful golden yellow beeswax!
6. DONE! It is ready to be used for handmade soaps, lip balm, body butter etc..:)
7. Finally, we boiled kettles and kettles of hot water to clean up the pots and strainer. (Well, you may use an unwanted old stainless steel pots to avoid doing this step) ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Render Beeswax: Step-by-Step Method

  1. Michelle Ho

    OH wow Christine, this is amazing stuff! Look, can I just buy the rendered beeswax straight from you? :p I certainly won’t have the time to do this on my own!

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