Cosmos sulphureus Salve

Inn has been making multiple business trips for the past few weeks. His skin especially his face and lips are getting drier. He requested for a home-made skin remedy.

Since the Cosmos sulphureus plants at home have blossomed so well, we thought making some salve from the flowers will be timely. So cutting, collecting and drying the full bloom flowers has become a daily chore; and oh yes, we boiled the leaves and flowers and take the drink too since they are rich in antioxidant! have to try it, the drink is orangey in colour and so fragrant with its fresh minty taste 🙂
We passed some of this herbal drink to a friend who was down with bad sore-throat and cough, she found it so soothing to her throat and the scent penetrating even though her nose was blocked!

See how orangey the flowers are? We usually cut them in the morning as it is the time when they are the freshest and in full bloom.

Making salve is pretty easy when the drying process is properly done. The next thing to do is to infuse the flowers in some base oil, for this batch we used mixture of grape seed and extra virgin olive oil; aargh..premium oil! We thought Inn deserves some real good stuff on his face 🙂
We prefer to use sun heat method for oil infusion to preserve the extracts of the flowers from being destroyed. Yes, after taking so much effort to grow pesticide and chemical free herbs and plants, we want to make sure we get the best essence out of it! Especially so when it is applied topically on our skin.

We used our home rendered beeswax as the emulsifier. Here see the salve! It is fragrant with its natural scent (no essential oil added), how we wish you could smell it from this blog post 🙂
The making of the salve was rewarding! We enjoy it as it is made of natural ingredients and safe to use!


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