Thank You for dropping by!

We have intended to post this short write-up about the 4th EFF earlier is a long delay though.

It was indeed a really good experience to be part of the vendors at the Greenscapes. We were glad to meet up with fellow vendors who share the common interest of permaculture from Ecocentric Transitions.

It was fun to ride on solar-powered bicycle too 🙂

The daily afternoon drizzle did not stop the crowds. We had strong stream of green customers and shoppers especially on Saturday and Sunday morning.

We would like to thank all our customers. It was such a good opportunity to talk to them about the benefit of making and using handmade soaps 🙂
Thanks for buying Kalleo soaps!

We were encouraged by many who came for our basic soap-making demonstration. Men and women, young boys and girls, they showed so much enthusiasm wanting to learn handmade soap-making!

Hopefully, we will take you further on in making other varieties of soaps including milk-based and herbal soaps in future EFF events 🙂

Thank You for dropping by!


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