HoneyOMilk Loofah Soap

We custom made these soaps for PinPin.

She wrote to us in the middle of October asking if it is possible to make Kalleo HoneyOMilk in rounded version with loofah incorporated in the soap.

The soaps turned out smelling good with cocoa butter added into the original ingredients – coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, castor bean oil, goat’s milk, pure honey and ground organic oats.
We showed PinPin some photos of her soaps which are still sitting on the curing rack. She is happy with them! 🙂

PinPin has been waiting so patiently for the soaps. She understands that they have to be cured for at least 30 days before we could deliver them. Well, she will soon receive her custom made order in our postal delivery on next tuesday 🙂

PinPin, thanks for the soap order!


2 thoughts on “HoneyOMilk Loofah Soap

  1. alison

    hello christine

    i saw your soaps in the organic vegetarian restaurant in ss18 🙂
    they are almost finished, better to restock.
    how have you been?

  2. Christine Yap-Chu Post author

    Oh Hi Sweet Alison, you are so observant!
    Yes, Organic Fresh Mart has been selling our soaps for almost 2 years in their restaurant..
    By the way, i am fine, Thanks so much for your concern! Hope you are keeping well too 🙂

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