Basil Dot

Basil is a perennial herb which easily grows and propagate quickly from seed. We planted some basil in April.

Basil herb has an aromatic,minty and peppery flavour. Other than used as culinary flavour, basil leaves and roots can be used to treat upper respiratory tract infection, headache, bruises, athritis joint pain, indigestion, skin itchiness and eczema. In Chinese tradition medicine, basil flower seeds are used to treat inflammation of the eyes.

We harvested lots of them for various use at home – basil pesto sauce, basil omelette, herbal drink, dried basil herbs for our handmade bar and liquid soaps too.

It is pretty easy to air-dry basil herbs as the leaves are thin and small. Remove the stem (we used it to cook herbal soup) and pluck just the leaves and flower seeds for drying for about 2 weeks.

We made a batch of basil bath salt bar for Micheal not too long ago as he had complained of skin itchiness – due to sweatiness caused by daily exposure to afternoon sunlight. The basil salt bar turned out so whitish one could have mistaken we added titanium dioxide into it (forgot to snap some shots before passing all the soaps to him; the thumbnail picture was residual salt bar Christine used)

Presumably we could get a white-black contrast kind of soaps, we added long straps of Kalleo Ebony Overflow into the basil soap batter…with mixture of oil of coconut, palm, sunflower, castor bean and cocoa buter. Making soaps with herb has been always so interesting as it surprised us again this time with a non-white-at- all colour, faint brown instead for this batch 🙂

We like the colour though! To enhance the aroma of basil herb, we scented the soap with blend of basil plus cedarwood essential oil and named it “Basil Dot”.

Enjoy December! 🙂


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