Patchouli ( Pogostemon cablin) Soap

We are so encouraged to receive overwhelming response from customers and friends about our newly added herbal soap – Mugwort soaps. It is a boost of spirit to formulate more other herbal soaps! Thank You! 🙂

The second herbal soap on our curing rack right now is our Patchouli soap.

We used our home-grown patchouli herbs, infused some based oil to make the soap. The scent of the patchouli leaves was our aiming emphasis, we wanted the natural scent of the herb itself to infiltrate the bar soap and so we ensure the infused oil was concentrated enough to meet our sniffing expectation.

Needless to say, we used lots of patchouli leaves for such purpose; it was good for the trees we thought – as they had long deserved a good pruning 🙂

Would you like to find out the benefits of patchouli herb? Do type Pogostemon cablin , ‘google’ it 🙂 and write to us about your findings!



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