These are some of the guidelines we follow, based on S.O.A.P in making Kalleo handmade soaps.

1. Saponification

  • Formulation is essential in making soaps. The combination of oil (acid) and lye (alkaline) has to be in correct proportion to make good quality of soaps.
  • Allow ample time of curing the soaps for complete saponification process.
  • Continual research on soap-making by reading up fellow soap makers’ experiences; through soap recipe, natural skin care books and internet references. There are so many varieties of soaps available, knowing what we want help to equip us better.
  • Shopping for ingredients from the right supplier.
  • 2. Observation

  • We keep a journal of every batch of soaps made.
  • Close observation on the quality of soaps. Say, whipping soap manually with a whisk produce better texture of soaps even though it takes longer time to reach trace.
  • Monitor lifespan of soaps. Laundry soaps made of mostly coconut oil are long lasting compare to luxury soaps made of exotic oil.
  • 3. Application

  • We often ponder how Kalleo Soaps will benefit Customers with different skin type especially those with sensitive skin? What difference it makes on the older skin as a result of using Kalleo Soaps? Getting direct feedback from them helps in making soaps that cater to various needs.
  • Shall we look into request of those who are so used to liquid soap and will not consider bar soaps? Yes sure! We will soon start selling Kalleo Liquid Soap 🙂
  • 4. Presentation

  • Planning is another big thing in managing our home-based soap business. To juggle between passion, profit and privacy, we always look for a good balance. Prayer unto God for wisdom and guidance makes our days right.
  • Packaging can be costly if excessively done. We appreciate Customers who do not mind our ways of presenting their soaps orders in recycled wrapping materials.
  • Handmade soaps do not make cheap presents and gifts. It has been a great source of encouragement when we often receive orders from Customers who buy to give away on special occasions and events of their beloved ones. Thank you for liking Kalleo Soaps!
  • Cheers,


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