Soap-making Craze

When things fell into the right season especially during this period of the year, day and night I (Christine) thought about it, what if…would it linger on?….would it be effective?….. Soap making craze could not be contained!

People uses its’ outer shell under running water to wash hands and it is proven 100% effective. Hands become odour free and squeaky clean.

Why not making it into a bar of hand washing soap? The idea seemed to intrigue me.

I went ahead using some durian paste to make soap 🙂 Added a little of water to make durian puree and poured into the soap batter at light trace. Absolutely added no other scent so that the soap would smell durian, naturally.

Finding: Streaks of durian fibres could be seen in the soap and smell of durian fragrance was pretty strong in its’ first week on the curing rack 🙂 There is another week before it is fully cured, the smell diminishes but when you smell it, you know there is durian inside it. Interesting!



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