Soap, Purple Carrot

The lovely Teo’s in Perth, Australia gave us two packets of special Tasmanian carrots when we visited them a few months back. It was quite an eye opening experience to learn that these were the original carrots dated about 5000 years ago in ancient Persia. The original carrots just do not look orangey as what we commonly grow or buy from the market today. They were in yellow, red, white and like the ones we received, purple in colour.

Purple carrots are nutrient-rich with anti-oxidants, we added the purple carrots in soups (not soaps), stir fried with mixed vegetables, juiced it too. They tasted just like the orange carrots.

Like their orange siblings which give orangey colour in cold process handmade soaps, I (Christine) thought the purple carrots would logically colour soaps, purple. It was a wrong presumption! The Red devil lye just would not let it through the colour theory.

Do you see any purple in the soaps? 🙂 🙂 Soap-making is fun!



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