Liquid soap, herbal plant

Besides making soap, both the bars and liquid, we grow herb and plants too.

We named our new product, Kalleo liquid soap – “Abundance”.

These are some of the herbal plants which we use as part of the ingredients in “Abundance”. These herbs are specially selected for their ability to improve altered skin condition such as eczema and skin itchiness.

Introducing Houttuynia cordata…In its raw form, it smells fish! that is probably why the Chinese nicknamed it “Yu Xin Cao”..

Bidens pilosa… it has yellow disc-like flower in the centre with small and beautiful white petals, it attracts bees and butterflies. We infused oil with Bidens pilosa and mmmmm…it is heavily laden with its natural herbaceous fragrance.

Epimeredi indica…It has some features similar to Patchouli with broad, jagged, triangle-shaped leaves.

That’s the brief information about the herbs.

In the meantime, we are not too far away from the last stage of processing “Abundance”, to get it properly notified with the government body.


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