Liquid Soap Paste, the change

It is interesting to see the changes that take place in the process of making liquid soap. Besides a well-planned approach, it takes patience to hand-make it (liquid soap).

We are skeptical of using high temperature heat to make soap, especially when we add herbs as part of the natural ingredients. Heat destroys the nutrients in greens.
We make our liquid soap at room temperature. No slow cooker. No stove. No microwave. No oven. No heat. The only thing required – patience 🙂

This is the liquid soap paste for our multi-purpose household cleanser, for dish wash and laundry use. It looks opaque at trace.

4 weeks after curing in the pot, the soap paste looks translucent. It is ready to be diluted, to turn into liquid form.

This is another pot of Abundance soap paste at its trace stage on 5 October, 26 days ago. It looks opaque in green from the herbal infused oil we added. We will keep you posted on its liquid form in the next round.

The herbal scent! Mmmm…Only if someone could invent a techno gadget that is smell-abled !

Have a good November ahead 🙂


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