Soap and Stick-blender

Stick blender is a powerful tool that many soap makers would love to own one. It expedites the process of making hand-made soap especially when soft oil such as olive oil is being used in bigger portion.

We got our first stick blender exactly three years ago on 5 November 2009 after we decided to sell our soaps from home. Our Philips 600W stick blender is still in full service today, an useful machine that makes our soap making enterprise an enjoyable and pleasant experience 🙂

Where can i buy a stick blender? What to do in order not to blow it (the motor)? These are the two questions we often received through e-mail enquiries.

There are many brands of stick blender available in the shops. The common ones such as Kenwood, Philips, Faber, Kitchenaid stick blender (or immersion blender, another name for it) is often found in HSL and SenHeng electrical shops.

It would be wise to alternate manual stirring (using either the stick blender itself or a whisk) in between stick blending the soap batter. Do not use the stick blender to achieve trace impatiently, chances are the motor would get blew off when you use it continuously without giving it a rest!

It is all right to hand-make soaps without an electrical stick blender, just with a whisk would do the task. Do you know that making soaps with a whisk in an unhurried manner would always produce well-textured and good quality soaps?

Happy soap-making!



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