Soap and Live Soap Opera

We were at the Soap Opera in partnership with Etiqa Insurance and Takaful, Kuala Lumpur last evening. It was a pleasant experience to work with them in conjunction with their annual cocktail event.

We were humbled and honoured. 🙂 Etiqa has selected Kalleo herbal liquid soap “Abundance” in 100 ml per bottle packing as part of their door gifts for the party guests.

We scented the liquid soap in four kind of essential oil – lemon, lavender, orange and patchouli; floral intended for the women and citrus for the men. It was interesting to see how the male guests picked their goodies, they clicked open the mushroom clip cover to smell…! 🙂 🙂

Thrice we demonstrated the handmade soap making sessions – both bar and liquid soap, undoubtedly the cold process method to the curious audience. While the guests were given the liberty to engage in various programs organized by the host, yet some were so patient to stand around our table to view the whole process of making handmade bar soap from scratch.

There were two exceptional gentlemen that came to our table in addition to other guests who liked the scent so much that they could not resist from taking our pre-cut soaps displayed on the table, they asked for consent to own them. Graciously we gave and reminded them to use the soaps 30 days later as they were newly handmade 2 days before the event.

It was indeed a good opportunity to impart handmade soap making knowledge to the working adults!

Cheers 🙂


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