Soap and Infused oil

We have been receiving email enquiry on where to get cheap soap making ingredients such as carrier oil, essential oil, herbs and plant powder. We do agree that unless buying in bulk, it is priced at the high side in Malaysia. It is discouraging to those who make handmade soaps for home use 😦

Infused Patchouli Herb

As an alternative option, we taught some avid soap-makers to go for infused oil. Infused oil is made by immersing fresh or dried herbs and flowers in carrier oil over a period of time until the essence and flavour of the herbs and floras is permeated through the oil.

Dried Patchouli

Fully soaked

Dried herbs and flowers can be purchased at the Chinese medicine shops and organic health food stores whereas carrier oil such as sunflower, olive, grape seed, canola etc. is widely available at the supermarkets – at reasonable price 🙂

Dried Eucalyptus

The steps of making infused oil are easy.

Under the Sun

Use an uncontaminated air tight glass jar by scalding it in boiled water. Fill the jar with dried herbs of choice and cover it with carrier oil until it is well soaked. Close tightly with cling wrap and lid. Leave the glass jar by the windowsill or under the sun over a period of time until you are happy with the flavour and essence of the infused oil, it could be from 2 weeks up to few months’ time.


To make soap, simply replace the portion of carrier oil eg. sunflower oil in the soap recipe with the infused sunflower oil. Besides soap making, infused oil is also used for salad dressing, aromatherapy, massage oil and skin care products.

Patchouli infused soap

Eucalyptus infused soap

Enjoy December 🙂



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