Soap Making and Kebun Kalleo

We have been silent and disappearing from the blogosphere for a while, almost 2 months.


We are busy with “Kebun Kalleo”, our farm land situated in Kesang Pajak, Melaka. We are working to turn it into productive farm where we could grow pesticide-free and safe food produce.



Our desire to grow varieties of herbs for Kalleo handmade soaps is partially materialized, still a long way to go though as there are so much farming work to be done. Our prayer is that when we open “Kebun Kalleo” to visitors in near future, it would become a place of solace where everyone could enjoy God’s creations 🙂


To those whom we have been tardy in replying your email enquiries, we sincerely owe you our apology! Thank you so much for sending your online soap orders despite the delay in our deliveries.

We would keep you posted again about “Kebun Kalleo”.



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