Soap-making and Kalleo HoneyOMilk

I made this soapballs-on-the-jute-rope from the left-over of Kalleo HoneyOMilk for my own delight 🙂

We are glad that Kalleo HoneyOMilk remains our top seller and many have given positive feedback about it 🙂 🙂


Madam Wong from East Malaysia sent me an e-mail in the middle of June.


We absolutely love your HoneyOMilk! The reason I buy 3-4 bars from you often is because my cousin buys it for her son too. We love the smell, and with your soap we can smell the real ingredients you use.

I have tried other soaps in the city I live in, it’s cheaper but it feels like and smells like soap you buy from the shop, which i don’t like. Therefore like yours the best, even though we have to pay extra for the postage.

Keep up the excellent work! We would like to try your new “Abundance” liquid soap soon. My daughter’s dry skin has improved a lot since using HoneyOMilk, no need to use moisturizer now!

Warmest regards,


Thank You Madam Wong! Your genuine comment about the Soap is so encouraging and it is indeed a boost of confidence in my soap-making pathway 🙂

Yours sincerely,


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