Soap making, Green colour

We use herbs and plants for the natural colouring in Kalleo handmade soaps. The green of Patchouli and Moringa stands out pretty well in our soaps; however it appears in three kind of differently toned colours.


This is Kalleo Musky Patchouli soap.


This one, Kalleo Good Moringa soap, lighter green in colour.


And the green colour in another batch of Kalleo Good Moringa soap during the moulding process.


There are different methods to colour the soaps. We use various parts of the herbs and plants – the leaves, stems; the beans from Moringa tree. Most of the time, we dry the leaves and turn them into either:

Powder form,


or infused them in the base oil.


There are a lot more alternatives to colour your soaps green naturally – you might want to try out pandan juice, spirulina powder, spinach juice.. 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!

Regards and cheers 🙂 🙂


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