Soap-making, Whitish thingy

Have you ever come across whitish thingy on the top side of your handmade soap?


Many soap-makers deduce there are multiple factors that cause the formation of such white powdery stuff on their soaps; it could be due to temperature, humidity, water issue, additive etc…


I tend to agree that the whitish ash is sodium carbonate. Not a bad stuff! It is a natural process when sodium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide in the air. It usually happens when there is some gap in the soap mould.

Many thought it spoils the aesthetic looks of the soap; however the good news is that it does no harm to our skin. 🙂
I will leave it as it is as it does add a natural unique look on the soap 🙂 🙂 and after all it does disappear quickly when I use the soap (after adequately cured) for bath.

What if you really dislike the whitish ash and want to get rid of it? No worry, there is an easy way to deal with it. Just wash the affected side of the soap with running water and the powdery ash will be gone.


The next question that comes to your mind is probably how you could minimize the formation of sodium carbonate on your soap. I find placing a sheet of cling film on top of the soap batter after pouring it into the mould helps. By reducing the air space in between the sheet and the surface of the soap, it retards the formation of sodium carbonate.

Enjoy soap-making!



One thought on “Soap-making, Whitish thingy

  1. Dr.Phang Chow Yan

    hELLO, Christine Yap Chu, When i go for shopping in soap store , i do see all this white thing on the soap . I thought it is fungus on top of the soap, so i dont buy the soap. Now i know it is white ash, sodium carbonate. thanks for the info.

    Phang Chow Yan

    Quoting Soap-making Malaysia – Kalleo Handmade Soaps

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