Soap-making and Soap Swap Malaysia

I have been receiving many requests for cold process soap swap among my soaping students, ever since the end of 2012 when I conduct my soap-making classes at more regular intervals.

As the number of my soaping students is increasing now, I am ready to organize an on-line soap swap for them in the month of April 2014. 🙂 🙂


We hope to achieve some objectives in doing these soap swaps:
– To swap handmade soaps among soap-makers in Malaysia (cold process soaps)
– To promote the use of handmade soaps in Malaysia
– To exchange knowledge of handmade soap-making among local soap-makers
– To get to know fellow handmade soap-makers in Malaysia

What to do for the Soap Swap?
– Christine will be coordinating this exercise. Each participant will be assigned a partner to swap his/her soaps with; it will be based on the experience and location of the soap makers.
– Prepare two bars of at least 100g per soap for the swap.
– Each participant has to take photograph(s) of his/her soaps (with packaging) before sending and after receiving his/her partner’s soaps (with packaging). Email two photographs to Christine as evidence of swapping.
– Attach a label / information of your soaps – base oil, scent, additive, colouring etc.
– Use and enjoy the soaps from the Soap Swap and send constructive feedback to your partner about his / her soaps.


If you have extra soaps and feel like taking part in this local Soap Swap, please sign up here by 4 April 2014.

Happy Soap-making and Soap-swapping 🙂 🙂