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Soaps and Flood Victims in Malaysia

Dear Customers and Friends,

Hi there and how have you been getting on? I hope it is not too late to wish all of you a blessed and joy-filled New Year 2015!

Truly it has been a long silence ever since I last posted in June last year. Besides making soaps for sales and conducting cold process handmade soap-making classes at regular interval, I had spent the rest of my time working on Kebun Kalleo. The farm is gradually taking shape now ๐Ÿ™‚


Some regular Customers would have known that I had also been working hard on the formulation of our new product โ€“ Kalleo Soothe Handmade Body Cream. It is almost ready for sale soon ๐Ÿ™‚


On another note, I received an email 2 days ago from Yi Chian, a fellow soap-maker friend; she is so passionate in helping our flood victims who are afflicted with some skin problem. Below is her email.

Hi Christine,
Recently I participated in a flood relief convoy and realised a lot of the victims are developing skin rashes due to the lengthy time they spent in the dirty flood water. So, I am running an independent campaign to collect handmade/natural soaps for the flood victims.

Bar soaps

1) Handmade/natural bar soaps for skin (no liquid soaps to avoid spillage please) – doesn’t matter what brand or what kind such as melt&pour or cold process soaps. To buy or to make is your choice.
2) Handmade/natural soaps for general cleaning – doesn’t matter what brand. To buy or to make is your choice.
3) Greatly appreciate if you could label the soaps properly — UNTUK CUCIAN BADAN or UNTUK CUCIAN UMUM — as I have limited time and hands to do the packing.
4) Most importantly, no money please. I am not affiliated to any particular government or private body/association/society. I am only Me. I am colour-blind, religion-blind and language-blind. So, the soaps collected will be given to any group going on a mission to save & help our people.
5) If you know any groups who would like to add some soaps into their Goodie Bags, talk to me!
6) Contact me by texting me or leave me a message or email me at I will try my best to reply you asap.
7) You know what? MESSAGE ON EACH BAR : If you want to go the extra mile and leave a message on each bar of your soap, go ahead and work your magic. Let them know you care. But please be nice. No foul language and any other indecent messages. I will remove any deemed inappropriate for kids under 21. *smile* You’re welcome.
8) If you have the heart to but can’t help / don’t want to help / want to give and want to do more, please share this with your family & friends so that others can give too.

Cheers xoxo y.i.c.h.i.a.n
p/s: Please don’t mind the amount you give. There is no such thing as too little love.

The flood victims need some handmade / natural bar soaps, would you give away some of yours?

Gift of Love

I will write again soon.

Good night ๐Ÿ™‚


Soap-making and Soap Swap April

We had a soap swap in April 2014. The ladies (are you ready for it gentlemen?) found it interesting and useful. Read their excitement in their e-mails to meโ€ฆ.

Hi Teacher Christine,
MY and I have already met up and exchanged our soaps. We had a great session — lots of recipes and ideas exchanged and definitely lots of laughs. ^_^ we agreed to try some new recipes and keep in touch to not only update on the exchanged soaps feedback but also on our new soaps.
Thank you for this great experience!


Hi, YC
Yup, fine for me to meet up this Saturday around 6pm. This is my hp number : ^^^^^^^ you can add me to viber or we chat too.( will online at night, as no Internet connection during day time). I am still struggling with the soap packaging@_@… How about you? I don’t know how to do the packaging for the soap.

You like baking too? I am taking part time bread course. Learning some salty bread like sausage bun, sweet bread , loaf, whole meal bread etc…. Quite fun of making bread.

I choose to use castor oil, as castor oil can produce more bubble and stable lather. My family like soap with more bubble, although coconut oil able to produce more bubble, but is too dry for me to use too much coconut oil, so I choose to reduce coconut oil and replace with a bit of castor oil. Castor oil also give moisture to the skin. But using castor oil, I have to leave the soap in the mould, 4 to 5 days to unmould. (This is the disadvantage) ๐Ÿ˜‰

So for your black soy milk soap, is the soy milk squeeze after the bean boiled and blend? Or is squeeze from a raw bean before boil? How come not using yellow soy bean? Is black soy bean, higher nutrient than the yellow soy bean?

Best regards,


Hey MY!
Just to give a feedback on your pink clay soap. I was using it in KL then I brought it along with me to Japan while I was traveling. The weather in Japan is cold and dry.
I tried using the hotel’s soap, my skin felt dry. So I used your soap and my skin didn’t feel dry at all. Good job!
Thanks & Cheers,


Hi Christine,
I had a great time with Callie talking about soaps… looking forward to meeting her again. Attached are our soaps swap pics.
Thanks for initiating such a great opportunity for me to meet other soapers.. I hope one day we will have a gathering..


Dear Teacher,
Hi! A very good evening to you. Yesterday my soap swap partner, Alice, and I met up. We had a great time chit chatting.
C Lim


Hi Christine,
I met C Lim this afternoon and we talked for hours about soap and baking. I have learned a lot from her.
Attached are the soap photos that we swapped.
Thank you so much, please keep me informed for next month’s soap swap.
Best regards


Are you ready for another round of soap swap?


We hope to achieve the following objectives in doing the swaps:
1. To swap handmade soaps among local soap-makers
2. To promote the use of handmade soaps in Malaysia
3. To exchange knowledge of handmade soap-making among soap-makers
4. To know fellow handmade soap- makers in Malaysia


Happy soap-making ^_^


From the soap-maker,