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Soap-making and Mother

My mother and mother in law use my handmade soaps, bar and liquid soap. It is a good thing to know they enjoy the soaps.

I made a few bars of special designed soap for them in celebration of Mothers’ Day this May. I used some backyard home-grown herb, Clinacanthus nutans and French red clay to create some colourful swirl.


They are both in their 70s’. In order to pamper their delicate skin, I used coconut oil, palm oil, castor bean oil, grape seed oil and canola oil to make the soap. It was scented with their favourite scent, Lavender and Patchouli essential oil.

My soaping students shared some related soap-and-mother stories with me recently.
Wan Ainun made some rose soaps for her mother who was admitted for a complication following her knee cap transplant. She said the soap was readily prepared for her mom to be used upon her discharge. What a touching story!

Sharina’s daughter, an avid swimmer suffers eczema due to chlorine in the pool water. She was overjoyed that her daughter’s skin condition has improved significantly after using her soaps made of neem oil, shea butter and lavender essential oil.


Kelly generously and cheerfully donated some of her handmade soaps to her parents’ in law. They put up a soap sale to raise fund for their church.


I am sure many more mothers out there are making soaps for their mothers and children. Soap made with so much love and passion is the best soap ever!

Enjoy the soaps, Mom :))


Soap-making and Gifts

Have you been making handmade soaps lately?


It is heart-warming to whip new batches of soaps in November especially when you have intended to give them away as presents. Agree?
Some of the ladies I met recently signed up for our soap classes for the same reason, to create their own soaps for their loved ones as Christmas and New Year gifts 🙂 🙂

Sharing with you the labour of love by: –

Teresa Chow with coloured and swirled soaps.

Kelly Lim with dried Lavender flowers topping on her big tray of soap.

Swee Chin used Argan oil for her soaps.

Tracy Chong made castile soaps with high Olive oil content.

They are aware that handmade soap has to be cured for a period of time, at least for a month before they could use it. These ladies and gentlemen (men came too for the soap class) are the caring lots, they want to pamper the skin of their loved ones (some with dry skin and eczema) with good and harmless produce; Ivan Yang even presented his handmade soaps to his future daughter in law in Australia, he has taken the extra mile to make some soaps for his son’s pet dog too 🙂 🙂

Do plan ahead with your soap making schedule, prepare the equipment and ingredients in advance and you would not miss the joy of making good soaps for yourself and family!

Remember to label your soap! In case someone thought it is a delicious layered cake 🙂

Happy soap-making 🙂