.Handmade . Natural .Biodegradable

Kalleo soaps are plant-based formulated bath soaps; handmade in small batches by cold process method using natural oil, butter and locally-grown herbs and plants. Premium oil such as cocoa butter, pure coconut, castor bean, grape seed are carefully selected for their emollient and skin-nourishing properties.

Kalleo soaps are free from artificial colourings, chemical fragrance, preservatives and irritants as home-grown botanicals are used to colour and only 100% pure essential oil is chosen to scent the soaps.

Kalleo soaps are natural, biodegradable and suitable for all skin type as they are rich with naturally occurring glycerin that retains the moisture of your skin.

Experience yourself with Kalleo handmade soaps and you will surprise with their superior, gentle cleansing and moisturizing nature!

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3 thoughts on “Products

  1. jacqueline wong

    your soaps were a hit with all the mothers. did you get the photos i mms you via phone? anyway i would like to make another order for fathers’ day
    2 ebony overflow,
    2 loofah lime
    2 royale tumeric
    2 clovy cinnamon
    thanks from jacqueline wong.
    just sms me when you are about to post the soaps will ask my mum to look out for the pos laju man

  2. Christine Yap-Chu Post author

    Thanks Dr. Wong for your order and support! Glad that the Mothers like the soaps 🙂 Hope the Fathers will enjoy them too 🙂 🙂

  3. Hope Awosley

    i enjoyed viewing the steps for making soap. i am a Nigerian and want to be independent with my own business like making liquid soap for sale. can you guide me on how to go about it and manual equipment needed for it since i am not financial buoyant to go for bigger machine.

    Thank you.


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